Because we throw the word “stress” around as easily as we do, we have a tendency to undermine its effects on our health. Research has repeatedly shown us that people are more stressed today than they have been in the past. Most of the stress may come from work but it always manages to seep into our personal lives.

Stress has a direct impact on our relationships. It causes people to withdraw from social gatherings, it makes them more irritable and lowers libido. You may have had a perfect relationship in the past but continuous stress can create a wedge between you and your partner.

Here’s how stress can lower your libido:

1)Increase of cortisol in the body

Our bodies have an inbuilt mechanism to deal with stress called “Fight or Flight”. Yep, our bodies react to stress the same way they do when we’re dealing with danger, we either fight or evade the situation.

If you don’t adequately deal with stress, cortisol (the “stress hormone”) will build up in your body and unless you take steps to reverse it, it will convert to chronic stress. Increased cortisol levels will cause inflammation in the body, leaving you feeling weak and making you prone to illnesses.

1)No down time


When we’re constantly busy, our sex drive drops due to the lack of energy. If you’re always busy it means you have a lot going on in your mind and when that happens you find it difficult to relax and get in the mood.

Everyone has a packed schedule every now and then but make it a point to fit in a couple of hours of down time everyday for the sake of your health.

1)It’s affecting your relationship

While physiological factors definitely play a role in your sex-life, one of the leading reasons for reduced libido is your relationship with your partner. You could be drifting apart due to the lack of intimacy but as the same time, the lack of intimacy could be breaking your relationship apart – it’s a vicious cycle that needs to be broken if you want to remain in the relationship.

Take steps to reignite the spark the both of you once shared. This could mean taking some time off work and going away for a bit, signing up for therapy or even using the help of medication.

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