There comes a time in the life of most adults where they might feel their libido is just not quite what it used to be. Though to a degree, this might be very natural, at least for someone who has crossed the age of 70, it can be quite unnerving to experience trouble with your libido at the say 35 or 40.

Many people under the age of seventy suffer from poor sexual functioning due to stressful day to day living, an unhealthy lifestyle and at times hormonal imbalances. Whatever the reasons may be, this can often prove to be anything from disconcerting to utterly frustrating.

What Can You Do About It?

The question is, what can you do about a low sex drive or poor libido? How do you get your body to back what your mind desires?

There are some ways you can tweak your everyday life to encompass and cultivate behaviours and habits that help keep things fully functioning below the belt. We’re going to share six of these with you over the course of this blog. Here they are!

Eat Right

There are numerous food types that are known to be beneficial for one’s libido. These include beetroot, chili peppers, nuts, fresh berries and even dark chocolate! Incorporating the right food types in your everyday diet is sure to give your libido a boost!

Break a Sweat

Sure there are many who would argue that regular sexual intercourse in its self is a brilliant way to burn calories. Be that as it may, supplementing your activities under the covers with regular visits to the gym or a run in the park help improve your stamina, circulation and hence libido.

Rest Up

Did you know that sleep deprivation can seriously mess with the way your body functions? Your libido being reliant among other things on your body’s chemical balance as well as energy levels tends to take a serious hit if you have been exerting yourself but failing to rest! Getting the often prescribed eight hours of sleep helps keep your body and libido up and active at the right time.

Lay off the Sauce

Though a little alcohol might made for the ideal social or even sexual lubricant, too much of it and too often, does your libido no favors. If you’re the sort of person who drinks regularly, stick to no more than one glass of wine a day. If you’re a weekend drinker, try not to binge! You’ll see the difference!

Put out that Cigarette

Nicotine is probably one of your worst enemies when it comes to libido. Apart from the fact that it is a vasoconstrictor which means it reduces the space within your blood vessels, it is also known to cause damage to sensitive and fine blood vessels. If you don’t get enough blood down there, you likely won’t feel as enthusiastic so to speak!


Last but not least, stress and worry can lead to a host of libidinal problems including the loss of ability to achieve and maintain an erection and premature ejaculation to name a few. It might help if you took out some time to meditate, take up yoga or practice mindful living. The less stressed out and anxious you are in life, the better you’ll hold up in bed!


As you can see, it’s not always a lost cause. Many of us go through stages of life where we fail to function as we hoped we would or could, sexual function being as pertinent as any. That being said, a few small changes to the way you live could result in massive improvements where it really matters!

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