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The Dark Side Of Erectile Dysfunction: The Emotional Trauma

Many men associate erections with masculinity. Their identity. Their self-esteem.

So when they suffer from erectile dysfunction, it’s quite normal for them to find the condition psychologically and emotionally distressing.

They may find themselves in an emotional trauma, always fearing the worst, the embarrassing.

What if someone gets to know about my condition? They’ll mock me in public. I’ll be reduced to a figure of social discrimination and humiliation. I can’t let that happen.

It’s this very fear of “I can’t let that happen” that stops them from talking about the issue.

Unfortunately, the society does anything but to reaffirm their stance of not discussing the problem with anyone. Not even their closed ones.

Even today, erectile dysfunction is identified as a social stigma in some societies across the world. People look down upon individuals who suffer from ED. They isolate them, make fun of them and directly or indirectly expose them to mental atrocities by exhibiting inhumane behavior.

We’ve even seen cases where people suffering from ED had emotional fallouts with their partners to the point where their relationship became untenable.


There’s something that we must all remember though: anyone can suffer from erectile dysfunction— both old and young. And you don’t need to have a family history to develop the condition. Neither, a physical injury.

It’s a very common condition and concerningly, it’s getting more common year by year.

According to a study, the prevalence of ED is expected to reach approximately 322 million worldwide by 2025.

That’s a 200% rise when all figures are analyzed starting form 1995.

If you’re suffering from ED, be known: You’re not alone; there are so many other men like you.

More importantly: You don’t have to live with the condition for the rest of your life.

There are many effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. But to access them, you’ll have to first discuss your problem with someone. Preferably a close friend who you can confide in and trust.

Or, you can reach out to a doctor. There’s nothing to be feel ashamed about.

ED is like any other medical condition. Even if some around you don’t get it; most do.

Reach out. Discuss. And seek treatment.

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