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One of the most crucial factors contributing to the physical and emotional wellness in men is sexual health. Though erectile dysfunction is not life-threatening, it most definitely is a crippling problem. Stigma associated with such problems prevents many men from receiving the required medical attention. That being said, there are medically tried and tested drugs and ointments that you can buy to help alleviate symptoms and return you to optimal sexual functionality. Kamagra Oral Jelly is one such drug that can help you combat erectile dysfunction. Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly online today and receive delivery across the UK! 

Misconceptions arise resulting in the belief that the problem cannot be helped. In truth, not only can it be helped, there are also extremely effective ways of treatment. Erectile dysfunction does not mean the ability to produce an erection is lost irreversibly. 

If a man lacks the ability to produce or maintain an adequate erection for sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction can be diagnosed. This problem is not uncommon today and has been analyzed from a number of scientific standpoints. There has also been an immense amount of research done on the subject. Some findings include; it affects 40% of men ranging from age 40 – 50, 50% of men ranging from 50 – 60 and 70 % of men upwards of 60. Not a very encouraging picture.

Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, the problem can be addressed. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction do not have to suffer. Similar to Sildenafil which is a PDE5 inhibitor are extremely competent in dealing with the problem. Sildenafil works by relaxing muscular blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum, increasing blood to the penis allowing for a powerful erection.

Men can now take matters into their own hands with such medications and cease to be victims of an unpleasant condition. Ajanta Pharma is a reliable manufacturer which is commercially available to you. You can Buy this brand right here.

The active ingredient of this is Sildenafil and is recommended for treatment of sexual dysfunction by medical health professionals. Depending on etiology and pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction along with joint pathology, effectiveness of Sildenafil can range between 60 – 85%.

This Oral Jelly is manufactured by the well known Ajanta Pharma and can be taken more conveniently than the tablet with a soft drink.

Advantages include; faster and more efficient action due to quicker blood absorption, consumer friendly for those averse to pills or tablets that are available to buy and additional usage applications as well as a pleasant taste!

Instructions with regard to use are identical to those when taking Sildenafil. Medical supervision or consultation is highly recommended before consumption or use. Those with liver or heart conditions as well as visual impairments and degenerative retinal changes should exercise caution. One packet (50-100mg of Sildenafil) is the recommended dosage and must be taken an hour before intercourse.

Dosage can be gently increased with regard to degree of dysfunction but should NOT exceed 100mg. Further, this dosage is also the daily maximum and should not be exceeded. Sildenafil is more potent when consumed on an empty stomach. Mixing with alcohol is not recommended as it increases side effects.

In Comparison to Other Medications:

  • Is fast acting: Shows effect between 15 and 60 minutes.
  • Longer lasting. Sildenafil yields effect to nearly 12 hours
  • For quickness and potency.
  • It is chemically compatible.
  • It is great value and quality.


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