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Depression And Its Connection to Low Libido

Depression is one of the most common mental health concerns the world over. Yet, people still feel reluctant to talk about it, primarily because of the social stigma that is associated with mental health problems.

Depression can overtake aspects of your life and make it difficult to function. For those who suffer from depression, seemingly simple tasks such as getting out of bed may seem close to impossible. It’s akin to a void from which there is no escape.

Depression can also significantly impact your sex life and adversely affect your relationship with your partner. Let’s find out how:

How Depression Affects Men

Low self-esteem, guilt, and anxiety are just some of the problems that are associated with depression. The fact of the matter is that these three are also directly connected with erectile dysfunction.

In addition to that, depression can make it difficult to want to partake in activities that are generally necessary to function, such as proper eating and sleeping patterns—let alone activities that are pleasurable.

There are some people who take anti-depressants in order to fight depression but these medications may also cause impotence. They can also lead to additional problems like premature ejaculations.

Depression and Its Effects on Women

Depression is more common among women than it is among men. This is due to hormonal changes. Some of the situations, which can increase chances of depression among women, include menstruation, childbirth and menopause. Furthermore, working women are also more susceptible to depression.

This directly affects their sex lives. As women age, these situations worsen. This happens due to a decline in the level of estrogen in their bodies as they approach menopause.

How Can You Counter This Problem?

Since depression can disrupt your life in such an adverse way, we suggest that you seek help to counter this problem. Contrary to what people might think, there is nothing wrong with seeking help from a therapist.

Always remember that having a healthy body is not the only important thing in life. You also need to have a healthy mind and a therapist can help you understand how to achieve it.

We would also suggest that you start communicating with your friends and family members and tell them about how you feel. Couple therapy is also an effective option for those who are struggling in their relationship due to depression.

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