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Viagra/Kamagra: What Is It?

Viagra/Kamagra is the brand name of sildenafil, a medication that is used for the purposes of treating erectile dysfunction (or ED)—a condition where men are unable to get or keep up an erection. Viagra and Kamagra both work to help unwind the muscles found in the dividers of veins, which helps expand the blood stream to the desired regions in the body.

Other than Viagra and kamagra, another brand of the medication is Revatio. This one in particular is used to treat blood vessel hypertension. The two brands, Viagra and Kamagra, are not to be taken in conjunction with each other, unless instructed by a professional. Although Kamagra contains Sildenafil Citrate, you must make sure before you do.

While the impact of Viagra and kamagra on an individual varies from person to person, Viagra/Kamagra generally starts taking effect 30 minutes after taking the medication in most individuals. Merely Viagra or Kamagra is not enough to cause an erection—some form of visual or material sexual stimulation is required as well.


A brand name of generic Tadalafil, Vidalista is prescribed to help relax and enhance blood flow to specific regions of the body. 


Consisting of citrate salt of Sildenafil, a selective cGMP-sceptic PDE5 inhibitor, Kamagra CT affects the mechanism of the penis which helps enhance growth.


Cenforce 50mg contains Sildenafil Citrate, a Phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE5) inhibitor, as the primary active ingredient.


Available in a pack of 7 assorted flavors, Filagra Jelly is a sensational and exciting form of medicine for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.


This dual acting medication addresses two varying sexual ailments using a variation of two active ingredients, including Sildenafil Citrate 100mg.


Essentially Viagra with Dapoxetine, this is what is recommended for individuals experiencing premature ejaculation and male erection dysfunction.

How long does it last in the body?
To what Extent Does Viagra or kamagra Remain in Your System?

Generally, the medicine is separated normally by your body, and the effects are not likely to last more than four or five hours at best. It’s recommended that you take Viagra/Kamagra according to the guidelines set by your specialist, so as not to encounter any negative symptoms.

Always make sure you use Viagra and kamagra as instructed by your GP. If you buy Viagra or kamagra it can be taken orally before or after a meal or at any time but bear in mind if taken with a large or high in fat meal the effects may take longer to start working. For best use take these 1 hour before you begin sexual activity. Depending on you, prior consumption of Viagra or Kamagra can be take up to 4 hours before hand. In any case your GP can advise on the best way to take Viagra or Kamagra.

Viagra and Kamagra will only help you get an erection if you are already sexually stimulated and will not enable you to get an erection. When using Viagra and Kamagra always stick to the recommended guidelines and dosage and do not take it more than once in a day. If you want to enter into sexual activity, take Viagra/Kamagra as soon as you remember. There are various types of Viagra and kamagra available and these range from 50mg to 250mg. Some even last for up to 48 hours. Depending on how you tolerate it, you can increase the dose to whatever you can manage but the recommended daily dosage is 100-150mg per day. Viagra and kamagra are available to buy in many forms such as oral jelly, Viagra that you swallow with water or even chewable Viagra. A favourite is that people like to buy is the Kamagra Oral jelly which are very fruity and almost like a sweet.

Does it have any lasting impacts?
Does Viagra and Kamagra Have Any Lasting Impacts?

You generally do not have to worry about any negative impacts when you buy Viagra or Kamagra, as long as you use it as recommended and as responsibly as possible. A condition termed priapism can arise in the circumstance if taken in conjunction with other illicit medications or solutions.

Priapism is essentially when an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours—quite the excruciating and unpleasant condition. The condition in question can bring considerable harm to the penis, for which reason immediate medical attention should be employed.

How long lasting are the effects?
How Long Do the Effects Last?

Naturally, the time period of the effects of Viagra will vary from individual to individual. On average, however, Buying the Viagra and Kamagra product has effects lasting up to 5 hours, when used in conjunction with sexual excitement. Generally, the impacts of Viagra will start to wear off around 2-3 hours after first ingesting it for most men. When buying Kamagra effects can last up to 36 hours and generally start to work between 15 minutes up to 1 hour after consumption.

The extent of how Viagra and Kamagra affects your body will depend on your individual situation, as all bodies have different metabolisms and different health conditions that may play a role in the process. For this reason, before buying and taking Viagra or Kamagra, it’s essential to discuss your medical and therapeutic history, and disclose what other medications you are taking, with a professional before starting on Viagra or Kamagra.

What influences the effects?
What elements Influence the Effects of Viagra?

The efficacy of the product naturally tends to be affected by a number of things. These can potentially include the following:

Health: You need to consider any liver or kidney issues you may have and consult a professional before taking Viagra or kamagra as medication. Due to such conditions, the Viagra would take more time to be separated by the body, which may result in certain undesirable symptoms.

Age: The metabolic framework of Viagra and kamagra is such that it tends to back off with age. This means that men who are over 65 years old will find that Viagra and kamagra will remain in their system for longer than younger men. The older you are, the longer the medication is likely to stay in your body.

Diet: Your food intake can have a significant impact on the way Viagra takes effect in your body. If you have recently consumed high fat substances in considerable volume and follow that up with the Viagra pill, then the process is likely to be delayed as your metabolism will be processing the food you have ingested. On the other hand, taking the pill on an empty stomach is going to allow the pill to take effect more rapidly.

Alcohol: Alcohol in general has been known to impact sexual performance, as it diminishes the bloodstream to the penis, which makes it difficult to get and sustain and erection. A glass of wine or a beer may not have much of an impact, but more than 2 units of liquor will certainly make the process of ingesting them significantly less effective and more dangerous.

Drugs: Buying Viagra alongside other medications can alter the staying power of the drug. As an example, you can take rifampicin, an anti-infection that is commonly used to treat tuberculosis. Before getting the okay to buy Viagra/Kamagra, you need to disclose and discuss your medical history at length with a specialist.

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